Unlock success with the Totara TXP Suite for efficient organizations.

The all-in-one solution for workplace learning, engagement and performance allows you to build a unified talent experience platform that favors compliance training, and team upskilling and increases ROI through efficient tracking and reporting, workspaces and many game changing features. sep% Markanyx Solutions sep% Markanyx Solutions sep% Markanyx Solutions

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What is Totara?

Totara is the world’s most flexible learning technology platform, also referred to as a robust and powerful Talent Experience Platform, includes 3 rich products, namely Learn as a Learning Management System, Engage as a Learning Experience Platform and Perform as a Performance Management System, working together seamlessly.

The Totara Talent Experience Platform

Totara has brought to the online learning and training an unprecedented ease-of-use when it comes to reporting, multi-tenancy, workflow building and performance management.

logo of Totara learn LMS

Totara Leran

The world’s most powerful and flexible Learning Management System (LMS) trusted by thousands of organizations encompasses amazing features such as dynamic audiences and workflow automation, compliance training and management, custom report building, multitenancy, live events and seminars and learning catalogue.

Logo of Totara Perform

Totara Perform

is an easy-to-use Learning Experience Platform that engages and unites the workforce through collaboration and informal learning by promoting curated content playlists, collaborative workspaces, surveys, interactive and social functions amongst other features. sep% Markanyx Solutions

Totara Engage

is the Performance Management System and the 3rd piece of the Totara TXP suite and focuses on boosting productivity in the workplace through performance review workflows, 360-feedback and peer assessment to gauge the organization’s skills and plan accordingly.

Why Totara?


Tailor your solution to meet your exact requirements now, and adapt over time

Trusted by millions

Thousands of unique deployments worldwide

Comprehensive functionality

All L&D methods, powerful reporting, automation & personalisation. Totara supports almost any use case.

Highly configurable & scalable

Maximum control over your L&D environment at any size. Cloud offering allows instant deployment.

Endless integration possibilities

Work seamlessly with your other systems & workflows. Hundreds of plugins and APIs.

Cost Effective

Invest platform savings into other L&D initiatives and show the ROI.

Easy Ecosystem

Deep community and a Partner network with specific vertical domain expertise

Who is Totara made for?

Being a highly scalable and completely customizable Talent Experience Platform that incorporates LMS, LXP, and Performance Management System technologies, Totara is being used by millions around the world in different organizations of various sizes and industries, including but not limited to healthcare, energy, government, non-profits, financial and insurance.

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Healthcare sep% Markanyx Solutions

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Government sep% Markanyx Solutions

Why Markanyx ™?

Markanyx™ expertise is trusted by large and small organizations across and outside of Canada thanks to the wide range of services provided and to being positioned as a one-stop shop that offers hosting, integration, custom development, content creation, training, support, and branding for our customers.

Our process-driven ability to provide our wide variety of services in English and French sets us apart in providing a seamless digital transformation and transition towards online learning, training and certification platforms that are easy to use, personalized, and secure.

Our success is determined by the success and satisfaction of the organizations we serve, and that is why we regard our customers as our partners and we strive to build strong and long standing relationships with them.

We will work closely with your team to tailor the Totara platform to your organization’s unique needs by learning about your processes and offering a streamlined digital workflow that leverages your strengths and takes advantage of the features offered by the Totara TXP and the native and custom integrations we exclusively offer to our customers.

The answers to ALL your Totara related questions!

With the 3 products of the Totara TXP namely Learn, Engage and Perform, it is possible to start with Learn and as your organization needs grow take advantage of more advanced features in the Engage and Perform.

Multitenancy allows organizations to have multi-portal platform to serve the needs of various sub-organizations, also known as tenants.

Multitenancy can be used in different scenarios such as child organizations of one parent organization, or one organization running one TXP platform for different clients. There are many advantages of using multitenancy, including having different tenants with different brandings, choosing to have a segregation of users and learning content based on tenants, all the while having just one platform to support and maintain. 

There is absolutely no limit to how many users or courses that can be on your Totara site. It is yours to shape and grow.

Except for course content that is provided by 3rd parties, any data that is residing on the LMS and related backups is owned by the customer. MarkanyxTM and Totara do not claim any ownership of that data.

Yes, you get to decide if you want to be hosted with us or self-host.

Audiences allow for the automatic assignment of courses, certifications, programs, competencies, performance activities, goals and workspaces.  Audiences can also be used to assign learning plans to groups of users. 

The audiences functionality includes both set and dynamic audiences.  Set audiences have static, assigned members. 

Dynamic audiences are based on membership criteria or rule sets.

They update automatically and move users in/out of the groups as required.  

Audiences rules include job roles, departments, business units, location, tenant membership as well as custom profile fields and whether certain learning items have or have not been completed.

The Certifications functionality within Totara Learn supports the creation of custom learning pathways for compliance or mandatory-based training.

With the ability to set expiry periods, re-certification windows, automated alerts, and reminders to both learners and managers, certifications can manage compliance-based training such as First Aid, Health and Safety and Data Protection. 

Different learning paths can be assigned for certification and recertification and assigned to specific positions, organizations, audiences or to individuals. 

A range of personalized, customizable notifications can be set to automatically notify learners, and optionally their managers, of any upcoming recertification requirements.

Custom certification reporting can be created and scheduled to run and emailed to interested users to proactively track and manage compliance and other mandatory training. 

More than 35 languages are currently supported by Totara.

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