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    Perhaps you remember learning English or French in high school and taking home lists of words to remember for a test the next day or standing up in class to read aloud. If your school had a language lab, you might recall recording yourself speaking on tape.

    The Evolution of Language Learning: From Lists to Interactive Apps

    That was how we used to learn languages. But now, there are new tools available to teachers and students. Most of us have heard of, or used apps such as Duolingo or WordDive. They are interactive and help you practice and see your own progress. They are not a complete language learning solution, but they do a great job of keeping you engaged with your target language. After all, they are on your phone and in your pocket, ready to use whenever you have a free moment. For language students, they are great.

    Beyond Apps: Addressing the Unique Needs of Language Teachers

    Language teachers have different needs. Of course, they need some of the features of the language learning apps. But they need tools that fit into their curriculum. They need to track student engagement, progress and grades. A collection of different apps and engagement data scattered across them, is not a good solution for a school.

    Poodll for Moodle: A Tailored Solution for Language Education

    This is why Poodll for Moodle is a good solution for schools. It originated in Japan. The developer, Justin Hunt, was teaching English there. He was impressed with the motivation of students and the focus of the teachers on developing communication skills. However he was frustrated with the school language lab that he was required to use.

    The Origin and Global Impact of Poodll in Language Teaching

    The solution he developed for use in his own classes became popular amongst Moodle users all over the world. Poodll adds simple but practical features to Moodle, including audio and video recording for students, and media players designed for language teaching.

    Poodll Features: Tailoring Moodle for Language Educators

    Poodll seamlessly integrates custom Moodle activities for reading, vocabulary learning, speaking, and listening. In a manner akin to creating Moodle quizzes, lessons, and assignments, teachers can construct personalized reading or speaking exercises. Furthermore, Moodle efficiently tracks students’ participation, grades, and progress, providing a comprehensive language learning experience.

    Poodll Wordcards: A Customizable Vocabulary Learning Experience

    As an example, Poodll Wordcards is similar to Quizlet… but for Moodle. Students learn words or phrases and practice them with a series of activity types. Students’ progress on each word is tracked so the teacher and student can see which words the students have learned and which they have not.

    Poodll ReadAloud: Revolutionizing Reading Practice in Moodle

    Another example is Poodll ReadAloud. This is a reading activity. Students practice reading a passage aloud with native audio as a guide. Teachers love it because it is fully auto-graded, and students can practice reading outside class. Students love it because they get immediate feedback and avoid the anxiety of reading aloud in front of their peers.

    A screenshot of the product Poodll in a Moodle site demonstrating the ReadAloud activity.

    Elevate Your School with Markanyx and Poodll

    Experience a new era of education by partnering with Markanyx. Let us demonstrate how Poodll can enhance your school’s learning environment. Reach out for a full demonstration or to have Poodll seamlessly integrated into your school site. Discover the expertise that Markanyx brings to the table and explore how we can elevate your school’s learning experience. Contact us today to take the first step toward a better educational future.

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